Standout Features of Browning Primal Series Safes

Standout Features of Browning Primal Series Safes

The Primal Series line of gun safes from Browning is getting rave reviews from customers, and for good reason. It’s a fantastic option for keeping firearms safe and is packed with more features than you might think. There are different models for different needs in North Texas, too.

Let's go over some of the biggest features and benefits of this series of Browning safes.

Primal Series Standout Features

This line of safes stands out with its 12-gauge steel body, seven steel bolts (four active, three inactive) and its exceptional resistance to heat (30 minutes at 400F), tools (1P60) and more. Here is the complete list of features from Browning for the PRM49 Model:

  • Outside Dimensions: 58.00″ H x 41.00″ W x 24.00″ D
  • Weight: 675 Pounds
  • Body: 12 Gauge Steel
  • Door: 1″ Formed
  • Bolts: 7 – 1″ (4 active)
  • Bolt Direction: 2-Way
  • Door Frame: Integrated fully reinforced
  • Hinges: Heavy duty, exterior
  • Lock: UL Rated Electronic Lock
  • Lock Protection: Force Deflector
  • Lock Protection: Re-Locker and Hardened Steel Pins
  • Paint: Textured Black
  • Graphics: Primal Silk-Screened Logo and Scroll
  • Shelving: Standard black carpet all gun interior (Not AXIS or CMS compatible)
  • Gun Capacity: 49 Total (26/39 + 10) Half DPX
  • Fabric: Beige
  • Handle: 3-Spoke
  • UL Tool Attack Listing (RSC Residential Security Container): YES
  • Fire Resistance: 1400 degrees F with 30 minute fire protection
  • Fire Resistant Material: One 1/2″ layer gypsum
  • Floor: Raised

Primal Series Model Options

There are slightly different features and specifications between models to help meet your needs. Here are the four different Browning Primal Series options available today, which range from less than $1,000 to $2,000+:

To learn more about the specific differences between these models, it’s helpful to visit a safe showroom to see them in action and talk with an expert. 

Where To View and Purchase the Primal Series

As the exclusive Browning Pro Series Dealer in North Texas (and a trusted Browning partner for all of the company’s production options), Browning Safes Texas is operated by A-1 Locksmith—a trusted brand in DFW since 1949. As an Authorized Browning Dealer, we’re one of the top retail resources for the brand and we have multiple safe showrooms in Dallas-Fort Worth, so there’s no better place to view and purchase a safe from the Primal Series or any other model that Browning offers. (Plus, at the time of this writing, we offer free delivery and bolt down on all Primal Series Safes, a big bonus in itself.)

If you’d like to learn more about this line of Browning safes (or any Liberty or Browning model), contact us today.

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