About Browning Safes Texas

Browning Safes Texas is a unique brand that we are ecstatic to bring to the tightknit community of Celina, TX. Our brand is operated by A-1 Locksmith, a family owned and operated locksmith and security business that has been local to DFW since 1949. As an Authorized Browning Dealer, we hope to expand the Browning brand and make a variety of safes accessible to the growing community of Celina and surrounding areas. If there's one thing we know about our trade, it's how to secure anything that our customers value. Security is our top priority.

Community Involvement

One of our top goals at Browning Safes Texas is to give back to our communities and get involved in any way we can. For starters, we are partnering with the CTE program at Celina High School to provide training and job opportunities to eligible students.

Keeping it Local

We recognize the importance of supporting local businesses in our community. From building services to custom branded apparel, we are here to support local businesses in any way we can.