Safe Delivery and Installation

Purchased a safe but don't know how you're getting it home? We can help.

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Trained and Certified

We have a team of trained and certified safe delivery experts who can move your safe anywhere. Upstairs, downstairs, or to another room.

We take extra precautions to ensure your floors, walls, and belongings are protected from damage during the move.

When you think about just how much your safe weighs, you'll want to call in our experts for any safe move you need.


Pricing is all dependent on the size of your safe, how far it needs to be moved or relocated, and if there are any obstacles like stairs involved.

When calling for a quote on safe delivery or moving please provide our experts with information on any stairs (even the step up from your sidewalk to your doorway) to ensure they come prepared with the proper equipment.

Didn't Buy Your Safe from Us?

No problem. We'll move your safe no matter the brand or where you purchased it. Just give us a call!